Am I eligible to apply to Crafting Freedom?

K-12 teachers and other K-12 educators are eligible to apply to and attend Crafting Freedom. Regrettably, it will not be offered in the summer of 2019. Check back in August of 2019 to see if the National Landmarks workshop will offered in the summer of 2020.

What and where are the accommodations?

Since Crafting Freedom is a “residential” educational experience and because there will be some required activities in the evenings, all participants are urged to stay at the workshop hotel. The cost for one room (for one person) for five nights is approximately $460; the cost for five nights is approximately $230 if the room is

May I get CEUs or other credit?

Though the Crafting Freedom workshop is not able to provide official CEUs or other credits, we will furnish all NEH Summer Scholars with a workshop certificate verifying the number of hours they participated in this professional development experience. This certificate may be presented to the official in one’s school or district who is authorized to

How much is the stipend and what does it cover?

In general the stipend is $1200 but those participants who elect to not incur housing costs will receive a stipend of $600. Here's the official NEH policy about this: Stipend provisions: Only those participants who incur housing costs in a residential workshop week will receive a stipend of $1200. All commuting participants who incur no

When and where will Crafting Freedom take place?

There are two sessions of the workshop serving 36 participants each: Session I: June 15-20, 2017 and Session II: June 22-June 17, 2017. The workshop will take place in the heart of the Research Triangle area of North Carolina near the border of Chapel Hill/Durham, about 25 miles west of Raleigh and 10 miles west of the Raleigh–Durham

Should I rent a car?

All participants are required to ride the tour bus to all activities; however, some have found it useful to rent a car. The times a car comes in handy are Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings when meals are “on your own.” A list of local cabs and transportation options will be provided. In the past,

May I bring family members or pets with me to the workshop?

We discourage participants from bringing family members. This is an intensive residential professional development experience for K–12 educators. We are on the go from early in the morning and sometimes go until late in the evenings. Only participants are authorized to attend activities. There is little time to spend with those who are not part

What should I bring with me?

Money: We recommend at least $30 per day for your personal needs as well as for eating out and extra books and souvenirs you may wish to purchase from sites. Clothing: Workshop dress is “ everyday casual” meaning pants/shorts and comfortable shirts/blouses. Expect 90-degree days, humidity, and (usually) sunshine. We recommend good walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, an

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