Money: We recommend at least $30 per day for your personal needs as well as for eating out and extra books and souvenirs you may wish to purchase from sites.

Clothing: Workshop dress is “ everyday casual” meaning pants/shorts and comfortable shirts/blouses. Expect 90-degree days, humidity, and (usually) sunshine. We recommend good walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella, a hat/visor, insect repellent and a light sweater/ jacket (air conditioners are cool.)

Personal Needs: If you have medicinal or very special dietary needs, you will need to bring your own supplies. Seating at some historic sites is on wooden benches. Please bring a small pillow or stadium seat if hard seating is of concern for you.

Photography and Laptop computers: Still photography is allowed for classroom and personal use. Video taping lectures is not allowed. The hotel has Wireless Internet access throughout the facility and a couple of computers available for use during certain hours in the hotel’s office. It is recommended that you bring a laptop or other personal computer device (such a Tablet device), because of the focus on the Crafting Freedom website materials. But it is not obligatory. There will be a few extra computers available. On the 4th day of the workshop ( Monday) NEH Summer Scholars will tour the various collections of the Wilson Library at UNC-Chapel Hill where they will learn about the vast digitized “Documenting the American South” collection and other primary and secondary source material housed at Wilson. A few lectures will also take place at Wilson.

Books: You are discouraged from bringing books with you, because you will receive more books and materials at the workshop. All sites sell books and other items so be sure to save space in your baggage for workshop materials and other purchases you’ll be taking home.