The Moses Roper Project

As part of its mission to elevate the often-untold stories of free and enslaved Black people who crafted a path to freedom through their own agency, the Crafting Freedom Institute has launched the Moses Roper Project. It’s mission is to recognize Moses Roper and to educate the American, British as well as global public about Moses Roper( 1815-1819) a native of Caswell County, North Carolina and the anti-slavery activism he was a key part of on both sides of the Atlantic.

After 15-19 attempts to escape from Slavery, Roper was finally successful in reaching the North. When he learned slave catchers were on his trail, he sailed to England where he went on to become a best-selling author, orator, and international anti-slavery crusader. Today, few are aware of his remarkable life and accomplishments on both sides of the Atlantic. He was the best-selling Black author from North Carolina in the 19th century, yet there is no historical marker for him or any exhibit on him anywhere in his home state. The Moses Roper Project aims to “get the ball rolling” so Moses Roper will gain the recognition he deserves as a freedom fighter and activist who helped to bring down the institution of slavery.

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